Thứ Ba, 12 tháng 8, 2008


After eight years work as accountant and IT support in Halong Canfoco, I’m moving to hope for more interest, activity, and improve in career.

Thanks Mr. Son, his emigration woke up me. Got up and saw it was time to leave. I had begun seeking a better job since this Lunar New Year. Ms Scarlet, a friend from HTT, recommended uploading my CV on net! Followed that, my Vietnamese CV can be found in!

I got many requests for English CV; some of them said “English skill is very important!” Hic! I had to type “No! Thank you.” in full of regret.

Being an interviewee, I’ve got lot of memories, both sad and fun. Seeking a good job when you still are an employed is a nice experience. However, it’s not easy to choose a right position. Somewhere I liked, the interviewer didn’t like me. Somewhere they were interested, but the salary was unhappy!!!

Finally, there are three places to go:

– Vina Games: will be ISO Manager, very good salary and good promotion. But I wander in game online addiction, maybe a niece fall into … No, thanks! I don’t like to be one of reasons!

– Tran Hiep Thanh, a dye cloth company: still be an accountant, good working-environment, good salary and the nearest my house. But (always got a but!!!) dye is not an environment-friendly product while pollution of environment in HCMC exceed the standard limit. No, thanks! I love wild nature and good environment.

– Kiet Tuong Company Limited: will be General accountant, good salary, nice and polite clothing, not too far my house but must undertake some strange funny clauses! After bargaining to decrease, I’m a General accountant!

Newbie leave my house earlier (at 7.00 instead of 8.00), and leave workplace later (after 17.00 instead of 16.00). But the most terrible is Saturday, instead of staying at home or going out with friends; I’m still leaving my house at 7.00 to work for Kiet Tuong until noon. After that, I’ve to go to Halong Canfoco and sometimes stay there till 19.00!

The first step is the hardest! I think I can pass this time. I’m doing with documents of June and maybe I keep with daily information in September.

Nowadays, I can’t chat by Y! In work time, lost annual holidays and delay studying English. In addition I can’t contact by cell phone in workroom, it takes place in lobby or … in rest room!!! So you should contact me by SMS, then I transfer and to call you.

Thứ Bảy, 3 tháng 5, 2008

Stitch and zip

He he, what's it?

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Thứ Tư, 19 tháng 3, 2008


It’s one of reading books I’ve read. It's written by Harry Gilbert and tell us what will be able to happen when we humans always win of fighting for food or land with animals.

In the far distance future, no one can’t live in The Earth! People have to move in other planet, called Just Like Home and they are alone and sad. Nobody has seen trees or animals. Their names are picked in The Book of Remembering (stories about many animals and trees on a planet called Earth before “the Burning”, a long, long time ago ...)

A girl of sixteen who live on Just Like Home has the name Hummingbird (Hummy for short). Hummy find out Star Zoo when she is running away her wedding. Star Zoo is the name of a spaceship where many trees and animals live on. There are many different rooms on Star Zoo: Hot, cold, wet, dry, ... because animals and plants lve in different way. Star Zoo is control by a special computer. The Star Zoo computer is not only can do many different thing from taking care of baby or to building spaceship like a inteligent and clever robot. It also can think!

Obviously, Star Zoo is a fiction story only. However, cutting down trees, building house and factory, growing our own food, ... make the Earrth poluted and “The Burning” maybe comming!

Thứ Tư, 12 tháng 3, 2008

Entry for March 13, 2008

He is shown in living room instead of a couple horses (I’ll tell on someday)

I finished the lastest stitch in my dad’s birthday present in ... last year ! I’m pleased! It’s enframing in Art shop. It was shown on my forum!

My daddy passed seventy year old in 26th, January 2008. He was born under the auspices of tiger then I thought stitching a Tiger’s picture for him!

I and my friends had been searching for a month. At first, I picked it from because colorless only. Normaly, a tiger picture have tens of colors even more than a hundred one but it’s key has fourteen colours!

It’s so match! I found that after I looked chart (color-chart). Although it’s key designs by May Flower floss and the instruction writes by Russian, I decided to make it because natural, wild bearing.

I began at tiger’s face because it’s the hardest: densely colourful and back stitch ;). Then, I filled all of tiger. White streaks on his fur cause me think of the years marks on my dad hair. Perhaps he’s as old as my father! (I see, Siberian tiger have white streaks when the first day come into world but ...)

After that, I stitch a branch on top. Alas! The branch is too hard stitch than my intend. I had spent two week for it. I was a little busy at that time so I had finish it for 3 months (120 wide x 140 high)

Look, he is so powerful on defile in sunset light (activity time for tiger). He is not young, he’s old enough to occupy private land. His ruffled fur show us how hard he did. Now, he’s standing to control his land and look after his family.

My daddy, I love you so much! I’m grateful to you for everything you do.

Thứ Hai, 2 tháng 7, 2007

Flash driver 8Gb USB 2.0

I love shopping on ebay! I won it on $35 and free ship.

Thứ Sáu, 29 tháng 6, 2007

Entry for June 29, 2007

It called Summer Meadow, designed by John Clayton ... and made by me!

In first time I saw it, I knew I must be have it. I spent five week to be owner! Began at poppies and daisies, then the river and tree-trunks, branches, ... I always stitch difficult point first. So I tried hard to complete all of petite stitches. I have not been afraid of any cross stitct chart since finished the last petite stitch!

I continued to back stitch (I don't like back stitch also) then the forest and its shadows appeared step by step. The strip of golden sand and the sky with bobbing clouds were last appeared. It was 10 days before my last birthday!

I have completed something but I still love it. The point of convergence deep in make it lively.

At last, the picture is the wrong side!

Thứ Ba, 26 tháng 6, 2007

Entry for June 27, 2007

"Have to write or full up complaint". I am always afraid of hearing complaint. :(

I'm very busy these day: too many thing must be done

- Stitching wedding reccord for Ms Coem then pass to Ms No1

- Stitching my daddy's birthday present

- Stitching a gift for ... me

- Stitching some card for Cross stitch exhibition

- There are too many reports in work: monthly reports, tax - report, quarterly report. In addition, The sole distributor makes me tired. My work phone seems like uninterrupted!

However, Life is so nice because all of my friends are nice!